Insider help for busy aspiring data scientists

This might sound familiar

you want to switch to a data science career

but don't know which courses to choose

because it looks like no online course is complete

and you're not sure it will be worth your time

you have trouble bringing your knowledge together

all the buzzwords leave you feeling overwhelmed

even though you study hard you don't feel solid progress

you need a way to guide your efforts and stay in focus

Hi there! I am Mısra,

I am a data scientist and I want to help you have a smooth transition into data science.

Before getting into data science I was working with robots and other branches of artificial intelligence for the fun of it. When I decided to become a data scientist professionally, I came across many barriers that lay between a motivated person and a data science career. Some of which being misinformation, infinite number of courses and a lack of clear information about fundamental data science knowledge.

On this website, my goal is to guide you on your journey so that you can make smart decisions about what to learn and how to learn it. This way, you can acquire the relevant skills without getting distracted by any buzzwords and keep your focus throughout.
I will be your guide by sharing my knowledge through articles, interviewing data professionals on my podcast and preparing hands-on courses so that you can pave your own path.


Data Science Kick-starter mini-course

This course is prepared to act as a guide to aspiring data scientists during the first steps of their journey.

The goal of the course is to help you identify clear goals and stay focused when learning data science. There are three modules in the course:

  • Determining your goal
  • Understanding the discipline
  • Understanding the learning requirements
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What students say about the course

“Straight to the point and short but very meaningful. It definitely guides me in a better direction.”

Jorge Quiroz

“It gave me an insight of what a data scientist is. You have inspired me with the data science knowledge...thanks a lot!”

Thomas Waas

“The whole course covers the proper guideline for a data scientist. Each and everything was important to me.”


“Organized info about getting into data science in a way I have not seen before!”

Joshua Maxwell

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Data science elitists and how to avoid them

There is a group of people who seem to give off only negative messages about becoming a data scientist. I call them the data science elitists. In this article, I want to show you how you can have your shield up against negativity on your way to becoming a data scientist.

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What will be the top 3 in-demand skills for data scientists in 5 years?

It is hard to give a comprehensive list of all the skills that will be in-demand in the future but I will share three most likely candidates that, in my opinion, companies will be looking for in the coming 5 years.

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What does a data scientist do every day?

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