Insider help for busy aspiring data scientists
What every aspiring data scientist needs to know about coding
October 24, 2020
If you’re new to data science, you might be struggling with the coding part. Maybe you sometimes get an error that makes you feel like you might not be able to ever solve it. Maybe you feel like it takes you way too long to solve arising errors. Well, I’m here to tell you that is okay. And in fact, it is actually good. Let me tell you why.
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Episode #14 - Economics to Data Science with Jayeeta Putatunda
October 23, 2020
This week I welcome Jayeeta Putatunda on the show! Jayeeta is a senior data scientist specialising in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning solutions at Indellient Inc. in New York. Take a listen to see what the path to data science looks like for someone whose starting point is economy!‍
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How to build code you can be proud of as a data scientist
October 17, 2020
It is pretty much a stereotype that data scientists can’t write clean and understandable code. This doesn't have to be the case for you. By learning a few principles of how to write code properly, you can use the stereotype to your advantage and set yourself apart from the competition.
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How I manage my time and stay organised as a data scientist
October 9, 2020
As a data scientist, my work has many layers. I need to keep track of project requirements, demands from stakeholders, code development and new ideas I have that I want to try out. Here is how I stay organised and manage my time.
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Why do I keep saying that you need to practice?
October 4, 2020
To become a fully formed data scientist you need to go further than theoretical online courses, you need practical knowledge. I define practical knowledge as knowing how to bring together everything you’ve learned and being aware of the data science way of doing things. Let me break down why practising your skills hands-on is crucial for your data science journey.
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Episode #13 - From ecology research to data science with Meg Thomason
September 27, 2020
In this episode, I have Meg Thomason with me. We talk about her journey from ecology to data science, the challenges she faced, the resources she used, her work life and much more. Don't miss it!
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Reminder to spend your energy cleverly
September 27, 2020
Data science concepts are all interconnected and it is always possible to go deeper and deeper when learning a new topic. But instead of following our perfectionist instincts, we should spend our energy cleverly and take it one step at a time. Setting a foundation and building on top of it is the best way to go.
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My approach to learning new data science concepts
September 19, 2020
Learning data science can be challenging at times. It’s very possible to get sucked into the bottomless rabbit hole of things to learn and feel defeated when you make little to no progress. That's why it's good to have a conscious approach to learning new concepts. Here is my learning approach when learning new concepts, ideas, solutions.
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Let's talk about portfolios
September 12, 2020
The word portfolio used to scare me. It sounded so professional and unattainable. I didn’t know what exactly was expected of me. I thought I would have to make my projects look very sleek and perfect. But I learned that there is no reason to be anxious about it. Let's talk about what portfolios are, what they're not and why you should just focus on getting your hands dirty.
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