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Let's not let garbage in

January 16, 2021
Two weeks ago, a bunch of people stormed the Capitol building in the U.S. This whole situation reminded me of a saying we have in computer/data science: garbage in, garbage out. In this article, I explain why.
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Episode #19 - Helping the government work better with AI with Nicole Janeway Bills

January 8, 2021
This week on the show I have Nicole Janeway Bills. She works for Atlas Research. After realizing her passion in data analytics, Nicole followed her heart and started the journey that brought her to where she is today. We talk about how she decided to become a data scientist, what qualifications she went through, how she landed her first job and much more.
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Episode #18 - An unconventional path to founding an AI Start-up with Mikiko Bazeley

January 2, 2021
This week on the show I have Mikiko Bazeley. She is currently busy co-founding, an AI based solution for residential real-estate. We talk about, her story of becoming a data scientist, the projects she's involved with and the future of AI. Mikiko also shares her advice to aspiring data scientists on how they can turn their career around in the direction they want.
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Pandas fundamentals every data scientist needs to know

December 27, 2020
Pandas can be intimidating at first but it's such a great library with so much potential and so much flexibility. Here are the main working principles of Pandas I have picked up over the years that will boost your coding performance.
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Episode #16 - Starting a business on data with Susan Walsh, The Classification Guru

December 20, 2020
Have you ever thought about starting your own business? It is very accessible to anyone who has some time to invest. Because becoming a data scientist or starting a career in data doesn't have to mean that you will work at a company or have a boss. In this episode, I talk to Susan Walsh. She started her own business in an area she wasn't particularly trained on: data. And now her business is flourishing and she's having a lot of fun.
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Create a web app for your data science project in under an hour

December 13, 2020
Having a portfolio is crucial to land the data science job of your dreams. And as long as you get your hands dirty working with data working with interesting use cases, you will impress your future employer. But you can always go the next mile when it comes to presenting... and make an interactive web app out of the project you built.
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Money is the goal, but it's not everything

December 6, 2020
Being curious about how much money you would make when you become a data scientist is expected. Though it is good to keep your intentions in check when it comes to switching careers. You want to make sure you pursue a position for the right reasons. But either way, it's good to realise early if you have the wrong idea in mind...
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Episode #16 - Being a data scientist in a multinational tech consultancy with Rossy Nhung Nguyen

December 5, 2020
A consultant’s life is an exciting one. You get to experience many different industries, domains and technologies. Rossy is one such consultant. She joins me this week to discuss how she got to her position as a consultant data scientist, what she does day to day, what kind of projects she participates in and more. Tune in to learn what you can expect from a consultancy position!
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3 steps to using LinkedIn to connect with the right people for your career

November 27, 2020
LinkedIn is a great source of people who can help you with your professional life. This could be getting advice, acquiring information about a company, hearing about open positions and much more. Though, in order to get the most out of it, you need to follow a smart approach.
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