Pandas Cheat Sheet

Pandas is the backbone of doing data science with Python.

It's not hard to learn how to use Pandas but it takes a while to become comfortable using it. There are so many transformations you can do to the data. Sometimes you are not even aware of what you need before you see someone else doing it on a Stackoverflow thread.

I learned Pandas by Googling things as I needed them. I would get one bit of information here, a bit more there and bring together what I learned to write the line of code I need.

It would have been very helpful to have a nice overview of all the functions I needed when I was first starting out.

That's why I made this pdf. It includes functions that makes my life easier when I want to:

  • Deal with duplicates
  • Deal with missing values
  • Change certain values of the dataframe
  • Filter the dataframe with a condition
  • Plot the data
  • Merge two dataframes
  • and more

The Pandas cheat sheet includes the most common functions of this amazing library. It has everything you need to get started the right way.

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